Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my mobile device to film video content my program?

A: Yes, the latest mobile devices have very good cameras, but filming with a mobile device is challenging. Here are some keys to a good recording: 1) Have a good light in front of you and a non-distracting background behind you. 2) For viewing on smart HDTVs, tablets, and computers, you want to film in landscape (wide) orientation. 3) Use a tripod and a connected wireless or wired microphone to avoid distant sound (one of the biggest problems with mobile video is bad sound). 

We accept approved content from mobile devices, quality audio, or from your video camera.


Q: What kind of studio equipment does VSN have? 

A:  We use professional HD & 4K cameras from Canon and Panasonic Lumix. We use cutting-edge video processing gear from Blackmagic Design and Apple Macintosh. We have soft box lightning, great microphones, HDTV monitors, and a teleprompter that allows you to read while looking straight into the camera lens. We are fully equipped to serve you!


Q: What kind of audience does VSN have?

A: VSN is a production and podcasting platform to serve and reach your audience online. We offer high quality production and distribution on your social media networks, websites, and podcasts to help you build, reach, and serve your own audience. We playback programs on the VSN website, but promotion is the producer’s responsibility. You will have to work at promoting your program, building an audience, and being consistent in serving them. If you already have a following, VSN is an ideal solution to serve those who look to you and your organization.


Q: How is VSN different than Internet Radio?

A: Internet Radio is usually live and not recorded. Programs that are not heard live, captured via Facebook Live on mobile devices, are basically “lost” afterwards. Programming on VSN can be streamed live, replayed as live, or pre-recorded for on-demand listening and viewing. EVERY program on VSN becomes a podcast and on-demand audio and video. Programs can also be available for purchase and download if producers would like to create paid content.


Q: What types of programs appear on VSN?

A: Vision Stream Network can produce all types of programs from content you provide or filmed in our studios. We can help you produce periodic programs within genres such as: Teaching/instructional, topical discussions, e-learning, interviews (in studio and remote), webinars (pre-recorded and live), and events.


Q: How is VSN different than traditional television

A: Television and radio broadcasts are a “scatter shot” to their audiences. It is better suited for popular and celebrity impact.  People have to be listening and watching at the time of the broadcast, or they miss it—unless recorded on DVR. If the station’s natural audience is large and you have “deep pockets,” you will be able to reach a lot of people. Internet broadcasting and podcasting also have the potential to reach a large audience. Because programs are sent directly to personal devices by RSS feed, this medium is well suited for substance, insight, and useful information. 


Q: Is podcasting growing?

A: YES! Organizations like the Pew Research Center has documented the growth of podcasting, it’s impact, reach and  listenership.  (


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